Here at Billing Better, we understand that you might have some questions about your bills package. We've put together a page which answers the most common questions we get, but if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us within your WhatsApp group chat, via our web chat or by email (info@billingbetter.co.uk)

Setting up and moving in

When will we be charged for our bills?

Billing Better will charge you on the 1st of each month, starting the month you move into your new home.

How do we set up our payments?

Your account manager will provide you with a link in your WhatsApp group chat, or you can CLICK HERE.

Can my parents pay my bills for me?

Yes absolutely. Just let your account manager within your WhatsApp group chat know so we know who to charge.

Should we take meter readings when we move in?

Yes please! We'll remind you of this in the WhatsApp group chats and will ask you to send photos of new readings once per month.

Do we always use WhatsApp to contact you?

Yes, if you can. We monitor our WhatsApp chats Monday-Friday, 08.00am to 18.00pm. But if you need to call, you can as well.

What happens if we receive paper bills in the post?

Take a photo of the bill and send it to us in the WhatsApp chat, we will then let you know whether any action is required from you or us.

Monthly billing

Will our bill stay the same amount each month?

If your home uses more energy or water than we have estimated, we would need to increase your monthly payments to cover your extra usage.

What happens if a housemate doesn't pay?

We will speak with the housemate and look to charge them again, or offer a payment plan if necessary.

Do I need to do anything once my payments are set up?

No! Once you have set up your payments with us, we are able to charge you once per month for your bills package in your home.


Will our monthly payments vary or stay the same.

We estimate the amount of energy you will use based on the number of housemates. If you stick to this usage estimate, your payments will stay the same throughout the year.

Can we use unlimited energy in our home?

No, we do not offer unlimited energy as this is both bad for the environment and can cause unexpected bills. We'll give you energy saving tips throughout your tenancy to reduce your usage.

What happens if we use too much energy?

If you use more energy than we have estimated, we will increase your monthly payments. If you use less, we will refund any credit at the end of the tenancy. we aim to keep your bills to the minimum.


Should we take meter readings when we move in?

Yes please, if you can! We'll remind you of this in the WhatsApp group chats and will ask you to send photos of new readings once per month.

Can we use unlimited water in our home?

No, most properties now have water meters which means you will pay for what you use. Don't get caught out having too many baths and pool parties!

Why is my water bill so expensive?

Unfortunately you pay for water to the company local to your area. There is currently no way to shop around for a better deal on your water bill.


How long will my internet take to install?

This completely depends on the availability of the engineers. Internet installs will take between 10-20 working days on average from the point of order.

Is my internet package unlimited?

Yes, wahoo! All our internet plans are completely unlimited so you can surf, stream #NetflixandBill as much as you want.

What happens if the internet stops working?

Contact us in your WhatsApp chat for initial support. If we need specialist support we can provide you with direct numbers for the engineers.

TV License

Do we need a TV License if we aren't watching TV?

No, you don't as long as you are not watching live TV, streaming TV through devices or downloading programmes from catch up TV.

How much does a TV License cost?

£150.50 per year. To pay for a TV license monthly, TV Licensing charge £25.10 per month for six months to pay the license off for that year.

Will you send me proof of my TV License?

Yes, we will always send you the TV License itself via email to the lead housemate, as well as letting you know the account number should you be asked.